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Kemi Wells

Founder and President

Kemi founded Wells Luxury Travel as a collective for passionate, luxury travel advisors who believe in superior client care, hold distinguished global supplier contacts and have meticulous planning skills. She is a proud member of the Travel + Leisure Advisory Board, is a featured A-Lister in their annual awards and sits on Advisory Boards for Virtuoso’s Global Membership and the Travel Industry Executive Women's Network. 

Originally from England, Kemi instantly fell in love with Vancouver when she moved to Canada in 2012. She has an insatiable passion for travel. Kemi has visited more than 55 countries, lived on three different continents and visited six. Favourite travel memories include hiking a snow-capped volcano in Chile, snorkelling with baby sea lions in the Galapagos Islands and diving in the Great Barrier Reef during a stay on Lizard Island.

Kemi has a degree in public relations. She worked for global brands in various marketing, event and communication roles. In 2014, Kemi joined the travel industry as an executive for a travel management company. She oversaw a team of 20 and handled all strategic partnerships, sales and marketing for 6 years before launching Wells Luxury Travel. 

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Julie Vogel

Founding Associate

After visiting more than 100 countries, staying in thousands of hotels and being asked for endless advice, Julie knew she could help others realize their travel dreams.  She has always wanted to go places: discovering food, people, natural and created things. For years she dragged her family with her as she sought adventure.

Now, often as naught, Julie goes by herself. Staying put is a challenge. She has lived in Canada, the UK, China, France and the USA. Julie started blogging when she moved to Beijing, to keep track and keep in touch.

Though she has left China, she is still exploring, still discovering and still writing; helping others uncover what is through the doorway, on the menu and past the customs official. 

In 2018, Julie became a Virtuoso Advisor. People trust her to share her adventures, tell them what she really thinks and not just chase the highest commission.  In 2021 she was chosen as one of Travel + Leisure prestigious Rising Stars.

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Samantha Jervis

Founding Associate

Samantha has been in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry for over 28 years. With a degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management, Samantha has held executive positions in various luxury renowned hotels, resorts and cruise lines around the world and later built her own representation and consulting business for luxury adventure travel companies.

Samantha was born in England and grew up in Canada. Her intense zeal for travel came at an early age; she was raised in the Tourism industry. Travelling and learning about different countries, cultures and experiences has always been her first love and true passion. Having lived in 5 countries and travelled to over 60, she considers herself a citizen of the world, and is always excited to plan the next adventure.

Just a few of Samantha’s travel memories include hiking Machu Picchu and the untouched beautiful north of Peru, scuba diving with giant manta rays in Bali and sailing the coastline of Argentina and Brazil. She has a passion for diving into the culture, history and epicurean delights of every destination.

After advising many friends on their travel over the years, she decided to combine her knowledge and personal experiences, and become a Luxury Travel Advisor dedicated to designing bespoke travel experiences that will become memories to last a lifetime.

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Willis McCutcheon

Luxury Travel Advisor

As a luxury hotelier with twenty years of experience, Willis is a specialist in ultra-luxury service and has partnered with some of the best in the industry to make travel dreams a reality. He recognizes the importance of unparalleled experiences and understands that time is the most valuable resource for the affluent traveler.  Willis brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in ultra – luxury hotel operations and a drive for discovering new journeys that support eco-conscious travel.

Willis is passionate about luxury hotels and spas that embrace the destination and local traditions, delivering authentic and unexpected moments. He believes travel, regardless of the style, offers a sense of discovery that unites people around the world, and his focus is on providing insider knowledge and access to the exclusive.

Having lived in Puerto Rico, the gateway to the Caribbean; Willis was able to island-hop and explore the diverse cultures of the islands. Two of his most memorable trips were chartering a yacht to a remote island - returning by helicopter at sunset - and exploring the remarkable British Virgin Islands by luxury catamaran. Outside of the tropics, one of his favourite cities is Munich, especially at Christmas.


Max Dee

Travel Coordinator - WLT Internship Program

Max has always had a passion for travel ever since he was a young boy as he loved absorbing new cultures, sampling new cuisines, and embarking on adventure.  Being part of an active, and outgoing family, he had the chance to visit many countries growing up.  In recent years, he began to make all of the travel bookings for his family and thoroughly enjoyed the research and planning process. Max is also well known in his school as the “world traveler” with many friends and teachers seeking his help planning upcoming trips. Max joined Wells Luxury Travel to learn more about the travel industry and gain access to benefits to better serve his friends and family.

Max has visited 19 countries on 5 different continents, with many more on his list. His most memorable travel experiences include trips to Namibia and to Sri Lanka -both countries that are often overlooked but offer so much. He has had many once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as shark cage diving in South Africa and sandboarding down the enormous sand dunes of the Namib desert. Max has gained unique perspectives through travel and would like others to do the same.  

Want to know which business class cabin is best? Max is also a self-proclaimed aviation fanatic and has extensive knowledge of different plane types and global carriers. He can tell you the pros and cons of almost all aircraft types, airlines, and the seats on most commercial routes.

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