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All You Need to Know About Luxury Yacht Charters in Croatia

Did you know Croatia is made up of over 1,200 islands? This makes it a perfect destination to explore by boat. Whether you want a full day tour, or a week-long private charter; we want to help get you familiar with the types of charters available to craft the perfect vacation!

Chartering a boat on the Adriatic is truly an amazing way to enjoy a vacation in privacy, with friends or family, and explore the stunning coastline at your own leisure.

To get the most out of the charter experience there are a number of questions you will need to consider before picking the right vessel. How many cabins do you need? How important is comfort to you? What water toys you would like to have? Speed and itinerary? Do you want a crew? Which boat is the right one? How do you pick the right size?

The choice of the boat depends on your wishes and preferences, the budget, and the level of comfort you expect. Also, the faster the boat, the more ground you can cover, but that also comes at the higher price tag.

We are here to help you with this planning process, to find the best options for your needs. The main type of private charters we can book for our clients include:

Sail Boats

Preferred by families and active vacation seekers. Comes with the skipper OR it can be chartered as the boat only, in cases where a member of the travelling party has the correct license. Sail boats typically range from 2-5 cabins and it is the most economical way to get into charters. Be aware that sail boats are slow and it takes time to get from one island to another, so this is not for fast paced itineraries. Also, for those who want the most comfort or something luxurious, this is not something we would recommend chartering. Though sailing is a beautiful and relaxed way to travel!


Always comes with a skipper, and bigger ones come with chef, deck man and hostess. You travel at the same speed as a sail boat, but get to enjoy much more comfort. Catamarans are the best balance between comfort and price for vacation without compromises. They typically come with 3-6 cabins making it perfect for families and/or group of friends travelling together. Also, there are now some newer catamarans that have faster motors so they can be used for itineraries where you want to cover a larger area.

Motor Yachts

Yachts are the perfect choice for speed-cruising aficionados. Also, this is reserved for people wanting full comfort and the most luxurious vacation experience. The yacht will come fully crewed and full of entertainment and water toys. For those wanting to have glamorous style vacation in a floating luxury home, this is the perfect choice! Usually yachts range from 2-5 cabins, for up to 10 people. And most of the bedrooms are so beautiful, you may not imagine you’re on a boat! It is not unusual that there will be more crew than guests on board.


Ok, so this is new trend nowadays, after being a highly popular experience in Turkey. This experience also comes fully crewed, and serviced gullets come with more cabin options than many motor yachts. Ranging from 5 - 12 cabins it is great for family reunions and couple families traveling together. Also there is a wide price range between different types, so something for most budgets. Gullets can go either on motor OR sails so that is a cool feature, and they always come with a lot of water toys.

I am a massive fan of Croatia. I have visited a few times now, most recently last summer and we chartered a small yacht for a day trip and it was such a wow experience! I definitely want to go back and charter a boat with friends/family for a full week. I can only imagine how incredible it would be!

It’s not too early to start planning for summer 2022- though we will also have access for this summer, for last minute bookings when we hopefully get the go ahead for some international travel. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

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