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Seven of My Favourite Over-Water Hotel Rooms Outside of the Maldives!

If there is anything I have learned from this past year its this:

Bucket-Lists are now my Must-Do Lists!

We all know the Maldives is the epitome of luxurious over water bungalows and hotels, with post card perfect pictures, impossible to resist. What you may not know is that around the world there are some phenomenal options that rival the best the Maldives has to offer.

These are my seven must-do hotels and resorts offering unparalleled over water accommodations worthy of the most discerning travelers.


This luxury island retreat is the first and only resort in Fiji that offers over water-bures. Perched in a natural lagoon within a protected marine sanctuary, this unique, adult-only experience seamlessly blends authentic Fijian culture and traditional architecture. Each of the ten over-water bures offer an exclusive oasis with private decks, indoor/outdoor showers and tubs overlooking the ocean and the pristine reef below.

Photo Credit: Likuliku Lagoon Resort


This incredible hotel is the only five-star property in Europe built on water, located between Geneva and Zurich airports in the Three Lakes Region. It boasts spectacular scenery and unparalleled views of the Alps. In total, there are forty pavilions with twenty-four on stilts over Lake Neuchâtel (the largest entirely Swiss lake). The property was designed to seamlessly blend with its surroundings - regardless of where you are, there is always an unforgettable view.

Photo Credit: Hotel Palafitte


Three miles off the West Coast of Malaysia, in the Straits of Malacca, lies a private three-hundred-acre island home to a stunning luxury oasis. Enveloped by a two-million-year-old rainforest, the resort was developed with a deep respect for nature and blends seamlessly with its surroundings. Much of the island is an unspoiled paradise home to a plethora of wildlife and one-of-a-kind experiences. The signature feature of the island are the incredible sea villas situated on stilts linked by wooden walkways. The villas embrace the natural beauty of the destination with large furnished balconies and oversized tubs with ceiling mounted showers that open to the sea.

Photo Credit: Pangkor Laut Resort


Three miles off the coast of San Pedro lies an extraordinary three-acre tropical sanctuary. This exclusive retreat is the epitome of unparalleled seclusion and service - hosting seven villas with only eighteen guests on island at a time. Casa Ventanas is the only over water bungalow on the island, offering breathtaking and uninterrupted views of turquoise waters and vibrant reefs. Thoughtfully designed to maximize privacy, the bungalow is at the end of a one hundred -fifty-foot dock, available to only you and your butler.

Photo Credit: Cayo Espanto


Drawing inspiration from the traditional fishing villages found throughout the Koh Rong Archipelago, this remarkable private island is home to twenty-four villas complete with luxury details and amenities. Authentically local, the eight over-water villas are sustainably designed to respect the beauty of the Cambodian coastline: building structures utilize reclaimed timber and material from the region; the floors and decks are made from salvaged wood of old fishing boats; and the thatched roofing is energy efficient. Rest assured these spacious villas have it all - indoor and outdoor showers, a private pool with sundeck and glass floors above preserved coral reef. The remarkable Song Saa foundation, established the kingdom's first marine reserve in the archipelago and work to improve the well being of the local community.

Photo Credit: Song Saa Private Island


In Indonesia’s remote Anambas Archipelago lies a stunning eco-luxury resort that embraces the beauty of this natural Eden. Situated in a previously uninhabited marine conservation zone - home to six islands, three lagoons and thirteen white sand beaches - it is the perfect get away for utopia seekers and outdoor adventures alike. The overwater bungalows were made by hand from natural materials such as recycled teak, driftwood, and bamboo. The rooms themselves boast recycled copper sinks and showers with unrivaled views of the pristine coral reef.

Photo Credit: Bawah Reserve


Floating on the Lule River amidst the impressive scenery of the Swedish Lapland is an incredibly unique spa hotel. Inspired by the regions historical timber floating industry, the property is an architectural masterpiece of timber logs, Baltic stone, and other natural materials -the perfect blend of Scandinavian design and nature. Arctic Bath puts an emphasis on wellness, offering three different saunas, a hot tub, and a cold arctic bath as the centerpiece of the experience. With six over-river cabins, floating walkways and private decks this is the perfect hideaway to disconnect and rejuvenate.

Photo Credit: Arctic Bath

Interested in booking a tailor-made trip to any of these incredible destinations with access to the best of the best experiences, and perks along the way? Feel free to reach out for more information.

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