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The Best Private Jet Journeys Around the World

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Are you looking to splurge on the definition of WOW and a once-in-a-lifetime experience? How about considering a trip around the world…via private jet! In recent years, some of the world’s best brands have built some unique programs which have sold out at every opportunity.

Here are our top 5 featured jet journeys:

Abercrombie & Kent – Africa: Across a Continent by Private Jet

Travel dates: September 29 to October 20, 2023

Price: $134,500 USD, based on double occupancy; single supplement $29,500 USD

Experience the wonders of a continent on a once-in-a-lifetime journey on A&K’s all-new, 22-day Africa: Across a Continent by Private Jet! Beginning and ending in London, this journey takes you from the awe-inspiring monuments of ancient Egypt to the wildlife-rich Serengeti plains, from the vanishing mountain gorillas of Rwanda to the bustling medina of Marrakech, showcasing the best of Africa’s natural wonders along with its rich history and heritage. Join just 48 guests on a comprehensive journey across the breadth of Africa, travelling on their chartered Boeing 757 with the finest Tour Managers and local guides in the industry, and backed by the unbeatable know-how of the company that invented the luxury African adventure.

What we love: The African continent encompasses a great many wonders both natural and manmade, and this trip encompasses both these elements as you visit the pyramids and enjoy exclusive access to the paws of the Great Sphinx, explore the Serengeti in search of Africa’s iconic wildlife and soar high above its plains in a hot air balloon, and so much more!

Aman Jet Expeditions – The Grandest Tour

Travel dates: March 19 to April 9, 2023

Price: $158,888 USD, based on double occupancy; single supplement $43,888 USD

See eight amazing Aman properties in Japan, Laos, Thailand, Bhutan, India, Türkiye and Greece - in just one journey! This 21-night continent-spanning adventure is the most extravagant Aman Jet Expedition to date, with a new day touchdown at the Taj Mahal. Launching in 2023 and complementing an already stellar lineup of experiences, The Grandest Tour will also include sumo lessons in Japan, alms-giving in Laos, hiking to the sublime Tiger's Nest in Bhutan, and exploring the origins of Western civilization in the Mediterranean.

What we love: On the ground, each couple or solo has their own private car, guide and driver for all airport transfers as well as touring each day, as opposed to being in a van or bus with a larger group. You only reconvene as a group during some of the evenings for dinner parties, during the day for exclusive experiences like a private yacht excursion, and while flying where flights are a “cocktail party in the sky” which allow time for the guests to bond and chat about what they’ve seen and done over champagne, Bloody Marys and delicious food.

Four Seasons Private Jet Experience: Uncharted Discovery

Travel dates: November 30 to December 20, 2023

Price: $205,000 USD, based on double occupancy; single supplement $20,500 USD

Evoking the bygone glamour of air travel coupled with thoughtful, guest-centric design, the new, fully customized Four Seasons Private Jet will offer an exceptional experience for 48 globetrotting travellers to explore the rugged wonders of Antarctica, the mysteries of majestic Machu Picchu, and the vibrant rhythms and flavours of South America on this expedition through the enchanting southern hemisphere. While in the air, meet in the exclusive new onboard lounge area to learn from Four Seasons craftspeople through intimate workshops, educational demonstrations or culinary surprises in a showcase of imagination and artistry in the air!

What we love: The new Jet extends the comfort and style of the Four Seasons hotels up into the sky like never before. Settle into one of the 48 handcrafted seats, constructed with soft Italian leather and custom designed by Four Seasons. Each chair offers 6.5 feet (2 metres) of personal space, extends to lie fully flat and is paired with a plush ottoman, providing extended leg room.

The North: Arctic Horizon

Travel dates: July 16 to August 4, 2024

Price: $187,000 USD, based on double occupancy; single supplement 10%

Travelling to the spectacular high latitudes of the Arctic has for centuries remained beyond the bounds of our imagination and exploration. Beyond the horizon, vast landscapes, unique peoples, majestic wildlife and thriving ecosystems coexist amongst the silence and beauty of a world where adaptation is the secret to survival. With the Arctic Horizon journey, you now have the opportunity to travel to seven wonders of the far north – Reykjavik, Iceland; Ilulissat, Greenland; Sonora, Canada; Anchorage, Alaska; Longyearbyen, Svalbard (via The North Pole); and Alta, Norway – where your discoveries of unique creatures, spectacular landscapes and indigenous peoples will lift your hearts and awaken a spirit of adventure and wonder.

What we love: The highest level of comfort, safety and discretion in their Boeing 757-200 custom VIP aircraft with capabilities that are ideal for Arctic navigation, with an interior that provides a relaxing and comfortable environment for the global voyager and is configured for 50 lie-flat sleeper seats (57–62 inch pitch) from Avio interiors.

National Geographic Expeditions: Around the World by Private Jet

Travel dates: 6 departures in 2023 and 2 departures in 2024 dates are currently on waitlist

Price: $96,995 USD in 2023 / $99,995 USD in 2024, based on double occupancy; $106,690 USD in 2023 / $109,990 USD in 2024, based on single occupancy

Experience the planet's most captivating places with top National Geographic experts on an extraordinary journey by private jet. Embark on a globe-trotting expedition featuring 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites, from Easter Island to the Great Barrier Reef. Fly direct and avoid layovers in a Boeing 757 that provides unparalleled flexibility with its long-range capabilities and ability to land in smaller airports, with a customized interior of 80 total business class seats to accommodate just 75 guests in two-by-two, VIP-style leather seating. Gain insight into local cultures as you visit a women’s cooperative in Samoa, cook alongside a Cambodian chef, and sip mint tea with a Berber family in Morocco. Stay at world-class accommodations, with options that include two spectacular lodges, in the hills of Bhutan, and on the rim of Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater.

What we love: The team of National Geographic experts and the researchers you meet in the field, who share a wealth of knowledge and insight with you and bring each destination to life!

Spots on these exclusive journeys are very limited, so contact us today to check availability and to share more details of the itinerary that interests you the most!

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