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5 Good Reasons to Book a Private Yacht Vacation

What is the most amazing way to discover Italy, Croatia, Caribbean, Galapagos, or the Greek Islands? On a private yacht! Here are 5 very good and compelling reasons as to why:

1. Your Own Private Villa on the Water

Originally Roman upper class country houses, “villas” epitomize the sense of something extraordinary. Imagine shifting this from land to water, add in a dedicated crew, meals and beverages when you like, and you will find that is what a holiday on a private yacht - in say Italy - could be like! You can enjoy your time on your floating villa, with its spacious living area and open decks, away from the crowds and leisurely discover and explore Sardinia or Sicily from the water and on land, on your own schedule.

Photo credit: Capri on Board

2. Freedom and Flexibility 

What is luxury if you cannot have the freedom to direct your choices? Cruise the calm waters of the Caribbean, and each day will surprise you with hidden coves, sunken caves, and tucked-away eateries. See a white-sand beach that you would like to sunbathe on and swim at? Feel a need to wander the shops? Has the beauty of an outlying island capture your fancy? Want to drop anchor to take in the warmth of a sunset? Enjoy a different experience every day: your crew will take you there, for your wish is their command.

Photo credit: Royal Yacht International

3. Sensational Service 

Expect the best and nothing else when you charter a private yacht. The crews are well-trained and unobtrusive, handpicked according to your requirements and available to provide you with whatever you need - a professional masseuse for relaxing massages, a nanny for your children's day care, a professional diving team if you have divers in your group just as examples...A private chef will also be onboard to prepare all the delicious meals onboard. In addition, you will also have your very own private expert guides, if you're on a yacht trip in the Galapagos Islands - when you're on land wandering Quito's charming streets in the colonial centre, or while island hopping as you spot wildlife native to the Galapagos, witness the unique flora and fauna that characterizes this special place, or get active with hiking and kayaking.

Photo credit: Quasar Expeditions

4. Pure Privacy

Move from one location to the next on your Croatian holiday in style and with exclusivity! In between stops on the island of Bisevo, you can enjoy priority access to the magical Blue Grotto, private kayaking in blue-water coves at Mljet Island or pulling up to a small taverna on the water, you will be on your own private yacht. There is no need to climb in and out of a large bus or a shared van, or mingle with strangers. You can admire the views without jostling for space, and the common areas are just for you and your group to spread out and relax in.

Photo credit: VIA CROATIA

5. Visit Places Accessible Only by Yacht

Sail through the Greek Islands exploring both popular spots and secluded areas. Approaching each island directly from the sea is an unbeatable feeling, giving you different views and perspectives of a place you might have seen before. Take a scenic hike to Kastro, a picturesque, car-free village on Sifnos Island. Swim in crystal clear waters and enjoy the peacefulness at deserted beaches on the uninhabited island of Polyaigos. Boat along the caldera of Santorini with stops at its famous red and white beaches for swimming and snorkelling. It is not just coves and sandy inlets as some towns and locations can only reached from the shore, making a trip by private yacht an exclusive affair!

Photo credit: Ahoy Club

Things to Note For Your First Yacht Charter

  • Yachts typically have two basic rates - high and low season.

  • There is usually always one Master cabin, followed by one or two fairly decent sized cabins and then usually much smaller cabins. It is important to note this if travelling with friends as the cabins are not designed equally.

  • Regardless of size, most luxury yachts can carry 12 passengers max, by law. There are certain yachts with a special license to carry more guests.

  • On top of your yacht rental, expect an APA of 30% on top of the charter cost. This stands for Advance Provisioning Allowance, and it is the extra fee you pay in advance for the charter. It covers all the day-to-day operating expenses for your yacht, everything from your food to fuel to port and customs fees. If there is any credit remaining at the end, it will be refunded.

Sound like a dream experience to you? We can charter yachts by the day or do full week+ charters in most destinations in the world.

Contact our team today to get planning your next trip!

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